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April 14, 2024

Today in 1934
The Toledo (Ohio) Auto-Lite strike begins today with 6,000 workers demanding union recognition and higher pay. The strike is notable for a five-day running battle in late May between the strikers and 1,300 members of the Ohio National Guard. Known as the “Battle of Toledo,” the clash left two strikers dead and more than 200 injured. The two-month strike, a win for the workers’ union, is regarded by many labor historians as one of the nation’s three most important strikes. ~ Labor Tribune

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News Items - March 2024
Updated On: Apr 11, 2024

Reminder: Apply for a Teamster Scholarship today
Mar. 1, 2023 | Thousands of educational scholarships are available to the children and dependents of active Teamster members through the Teamsters Scholarship Fund. Applications are open and available through the Teamsters Scholarship Fund portal here. Deadline for applications is March 29!

Maryland Teamsters call on lawmakers to end captive audience meetings
Mar. 4, 2023 | Teamsters gathered in Annapolis earlier this week to testify in favor of HB 802, a bill in the Maryland Legislature that would ban forced attendance at captive audience meetings. The purpose of a captive audience meeting is for an employer to convince workers not to join a union, usually through intimidation, false promises and outright lies. “This legislation is critical to enforcing the principles of economic democracy and free speech on the job,” said Sean Cedenio, President of Teamsters Joint Council 62. “This bill is a significant step towards creating a fairer process for those seeking union representation.” Learn more herePictured: (L-R) Joe Fowler, Local 570 recording secretary; Larry Wolfe, Local 570 business agent; Moses Jackson, Local 570 organizer; Brandon King, Local 570; and Bill Davis, Local 639 president. 

Maryland Teamsters call for passage of House Bill 1447
Mar. 10, 2023 | Members of Teamsters Locals 570, 639, and 922 testified before the Maryland House of Delegates to call for the passage of House Bill 1447 (HB 1447), legislation that would require a human operator in large commercial vehicles. Similar legislation has been introduced in California, Iowa, Indiana, and New York this year. “Autonomous vehicles pose a grave threat to hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs in Maryland,” said Sean Cedenio, President of Teamsters Joint Council 62. “One in 14 jobs statewide are in trucking, with countless more in the postal service, transit, and other sectors. Workers are the backbone of our supply chain. They pay taxes, patronize small businesses, and support local charities and civic organizations across the state. By passing HB 1447, we can protect Maryland’s families, communities, and economy.” Learn more here.

Teamsters in no rush to endorse following Biden, Trump meetings
Mar. 12, 2023 | The head of the Teamsters union emerged from a meeting with President Joe Biden on Tuesday with warm words for his labor record but said any potential endorsement would be a ways down the road. “Historically the Teamsters union do not make an endorsement until after the respective conventions,” General President Sean O’Brien told reporters at the union’s D.C. headquarters shortly after the roundtable event. “However, this has been a different process. We’ve never had candidates into the building, never had rank-and-file participation.” The union intends to survey rank-and-file members before convening its leadership later this year to issue its endorsement, “most likely after the conventions.” Read more at Politico

New contracts ratified at Amports and Holly Poultry
Mar. 19, 2023 | Amports Teamsters ratified a five-year contract with major gains in wages and full retroactivity back to the working contract’s January 16, 2024 expiration date. The new agreement provides mandatory overtime protection, maintains Health & Welfare benefits, and an increase in employer contributions to the 401k retirement plan. Drivers and warehouse and production Teamsters at Holly Poultry approved new contracts providing annual wages increases, Health & Safety protections, and paid sick time. Learn more here.

Teamsters Local 25 hits back at UPS harassment 
Mar. 20, 2023 | Management bullying against UPS Teamsters has consequences – especially when locals aggressively enforce the contract. At this month’s National Grievance Panel, Teamsters Local 25 called the company to the mat for its harassment of a Boston-area shop steward. Details here.

Enroll now for Teamsters Voluntary Income Protection Plan 
Mar. 20, 2023 | Open enrollment is happening now a new Teamsters Voluntary Income Protection Plus Plan, available for all dues-paying Teamsters in the U.S. The new benefits will help provide Teamsters with additional financial protection if they can’t work due to illness, injury, or loss of DOT certification for medical reasons. Active members are encouraged to visit to learn more

Judge dismisses Yellow’s frivolous lawsuit against Teamsters
Mar. 26, 2023 | The Union won a major victory against Yellow Corporation yesterday with the dismissal of the company’s frivolous $137 million-dollar lawsuit by U.S. District Court Judge Julie A. Robinson. The lawsuit, Yellow Corporation et al., v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters et al., was a blatant attempt by Yellow Corp. to undermine the rights of workers and discredit the Teamsters. The union vigorously defended its position and challenged the meritless breach of contract claims filed by Yellow Corp. The court agreed with the union’s position that the lawsuit be dismissed. Learn more here.

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