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May 20, 2022

On This Day in 1950
31 dockworkers are killed, 350 workers and others are injured when four barges carrying 467 tons of ammunition blow up at South Amboy, New Jersey. They were loading mines that had been deemed unsafe by the Army and were being shipped to the Asian market for sale. ~ DC Labor

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Ending Driver Exploitation Would Help Relieve Supply Chain Woes
Posted On: Jan 18, 2022
Jan. 18, 2022 | OPINION | For years, truck drivers have helped ensure that we get the goods we need in time for the holidays, but current supply chain pressures have revealed inefficiencies in an unaccountable trucking system where employers violate drivers' rights with impunity. In recent weeks, you might have noticed how empty store shelves caused by supply chain inefficiencies have dominated the news. The trucking industry claims that these issues stem from a driver shortage; however, industry lobbyists have long pushed this message to get what they want—cheaper labor. Here's the truth—there is no shortage of experienced truck drivers. In an industry with a turnover rate north of 90 percent, the real shortage is one of decent jobs. For years, the trucking industry … More from Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa at Newsweek
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