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October 04, 2023

Today in 1961
The United Auto Workers calls for a company-wide strike against Ford Motor Co., the first since Ford’s initial contract with the union 20 years earlier. ~ Labor Tribune 

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News Items - September 2023
Updated On: Oct 276, 2023

Code Red alert declared for Baltimore region
Sept. 5, 2023 
| As temperatures ticked toward triple digits and broke at least one century-old record, Baltimore City Health Department officials declared a Code Red extreme heat alert through Thursday. “Excessive heat is the leading weather-related killer in the United States,” Acting Health Commissioner Mary Beth Haller said in a statement Monday announcing the alert. The Baltimore Banner Related: Protect yourself by recognizing the symptoms of heat disorders in this Teamsters Safety & Health fact sheet.

It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!
Sept. 11, 2023 
| This week, Teamsters pay tribute to the hard work, sacrifices, and dedication of the truck drivers who keep America moving. Without these men and women behind the wheel, the essential goods and services we take for granted every day would not exist. To salute truck drivers everywhere, you are invited to post photos here of you and your truck or email them to us. Please include what company/employer and Teamster local you’re with in your post. At the end of the week, we’ll share your photos in a gallery on our Facebook page.

Teamsters release principles framework for federal AV policy 
Sept. 12, 2023 
| As a union that represents hundreds of thousands of workers who turn a key for a living, the Teamsters have a deep interest in the outcome of federal autonomous vehicle (AV) regulation and legislation. For the first time in our history, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is releasing an “Autonomous Vehicle Federal Policy Principles” framework, a guiding document for federal policymakers as they continue to address issues surrounding AVs. Read the (one-page) policy proposal here.

Teamsters fight for union jobs and safe roads in California
Sept. 13, 2023 
| Teamster drivers are on the frontlines in the battle against driverless semi-trucks hitting California’s road without a human operator. AVs pose a serious threat to Californians’ lives and livelihoods. On Monday, Sept. 18, a Teamster convoy will travel from Los Angeles to Sacramento, the state’s capital, to demand that Gov. Newsom sign AB 316 to protect good union jobs and keep California streets safe. Learn more here.

Safe roads: Teamsters rally with Calif. labor allies, public safety leaders
Sept. 19, 2023 
| Teamsters rallied with California elected officials, labor allies, and public safety leaders to demand Gov. Gavin Newsom sign California Assembly Bill 316 (AB 316) into law. The Teamster-backed bill, which sailed through the California legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support, would require a trained human operator in autonomous vehicles weighing over 10,000 pounds. Gov. Newsom has until October 14 to sign the bill into law A recording of Monday’s rally can be viewed here. 

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