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October 01, 2020

On This Day in 1892
29 strike leaders are charged with treason – plotting "to incite insurrection, rebellion & war against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" – for daring to strike the Carnegie Steel Co. in Homestead, Pa. Jurors refuse to convict them.
- DC Labor

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Economic Struggle is Real for Millions of Americans
Posted On: Sep 10, 2020
Sept. 10, 2020 | ECONOMY | Some in power might want to point at the August unemployment numbers as a sign that a stronger economy is just around the corner. But it is clear this country is still facing a serious jobs problem that is disproportionately hitting those who need help the most. Six months into this coronavirus-induced recession, the U.S. is still 11.5 million jobs below where it stood earlier this year. The brunt of that is being felt by women, Black and Latino workers. And with the recovery seen as slowing (the 1.4 million gain in jobs last month was down from July, which was down from June), the pain is going to continue… Teamsters

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Updated: Oct. 01 (05:01)

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