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February 23, 2024

Today in 1892
Representatives of the Knights of Labor and the United Mine Workers meet in St. Louis with 20 other organizations to plan the founding convention of the People?s Party. Objectives: end political corruption, spread the wealth and combat the oppression of the rights of workers and farmers. ~ Labor Tribune

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Biden, UAW, and the Teamsters
Posted On: Feb 33, 2024
Feb. 2, 2024 | 20VOTE24 | Those two unions and that president (if re-elected) hold the greatest promise for reviving working-class power. Right now… Fain is the one labor leader with the credibility and militance to speak as something of a tribune for the nation’s working class. But manufacturing now employs just a tenth of the U.S. workforce, far from the nearly 50 percent it employed in [former UAW President Walter] Reuther’s day. There’s one other union president — like Fain, also elected by his union’s rank and file; like Fain, coming off a landmark union victory (at UPS); and like Fain, also named Shawn, though he spells it differently—whose union has to follow where the UAW just went if we’re really to roll the union on: the Teamsters’ Sean O’Brien, who has vowed his union will take on Amazon. Logistics, transportation, and retail dwarf manufacturing in today’s economy, and it’s in those sectors where empowering workers will have the greatest and most salutary effect. The American Prospect
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