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August 10, 2022

On This Day in 1981
Some 15,000 air traffic controllers strike. President Reagan threatens to fire any who do not return to work within 48 hours, saying they “have forfeited their jobs” if they do not. Most stay out and are fired Aug. 5.  
~ Labor Tribune

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Railroad Bosses’ Profit-Making Tactics Lower Safety Standards, Raise Dangers
Updated On: Jun 28, 2022
June 27, 2022 | HEALTH & SAFETY | Working conditions, and labor-management negotiations between the unions representing the nation’s freight rail workers and railroad bosses, are getting steadily worse, reports from the bargaining table and congressional testimony show. And that’s important because the nation’s four big Class I freight railroads move bulk cargoes from oil to cars to coal to corn and are a vital part of the U.S. supply chain. “Even as (freight) traffic has returned, staffing has not,” Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees/Teamsters Safety Director Roy Morrison testified…. “Along with these staffing cuts, railroads have curtailed inspection, maintenance, and repair work on their infrastructure and equipment, and required a reduced workforce to handle the responsibilities once handled by a significantly larger workforce. The railroads have made it difficult to impossible for their employees to properly perform their tasks that are essential to adequate rail service.” People’s World   PHOTO/DREAMSTINE
Teamsters Local 355
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