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June 18, 2019

On This Day in 1941
Union and civil rights leader A. Philip Randolph and others meet with President Roosevelt about a proposed July 1 March on Washington to protest discrimination in war industries. A week later, Roosevelt orders that the industries desegregate.
- Union Communication Services

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Local and National Union News

Teamster leaders meet for Warehouse Division Conference
June 11, 2019 | (UpdatedAbout 150 Teamster leaders from local unions that represent warehouse workers met in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho last week to discuss the major issues and campaigns affecting the more than 200,000 warehouse Teamsters. "We have many challenges ahead, but by working together--the local unions, the Joint Councils and the International Union--we will take these challenges head-on to make sure our members' interests are protected," said Steve Vairma, Director of the Teamsters Warehouse Division. Leaders discussed the national organizing campaign underway at Sysco, and the campaigns to protect Teamsters at US Foods/FSA and UNFI/Supervalu… Teamsters

DHL driver Nirav Bhalala proud to be a new U.S. citizen
June 10, 2019 | (UpdatedAfter a twelve-year journey to citizenship, Brother Nirav Bhalala was among 62 applicants from 32 countries sworn in as United States citizens on May 20, 2019, at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services District Office in Baltimore, Md. The momentous day, he said, was the end result of a “great, proud, and long journey” from his arrival in New York in 2007. Traveling to the U.S. on a student visa, Bhalala left behind his native India to continue his education in the U.S. He moved to Maryland in 2009, transferred his student visa to a work visa so he could work as a hotel manager, and enrolled in Prince George’s Community College. He graduated in 2014 from the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) with a degree in Business Administration. Bhalala received his green card in 2015 and renewed it in 2017. At the urging of a DHL district manager he met at UMUC, Bhalala applied and was subsequently hired at DHL in October 2015. He's been a Teamster ever since. “Joining the Teamsters was one of the first good things to happen to me here,” Bhalala said proudly… Continue at 355 News (Photo: Bhalala received his Certificate of Naturalization after the swearing-in ceremony.)

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Elsewhere in the News
Congress Has Never Let the Minimum Wage Erode for This Long
June 18, 2019 | WAGES | June 16th marked the longest period in history without an increase in the federal minimum wage. The last time Congress passed an increase was in May 2007, when it legislated that the minimum wage be raised to $7.25 per hour on July 24, 2009. Since it was first established in 1938, Congress has never let the minimum wage go unchanged for so long. When the minimum wage remains unchanged for any length of time, inflation erodes its buying power. As shown in the graphic, when the minimum wage was last raised to $7.25 in July 2009, it had a purchasing power equivalent to $8.70 in today’s dollars. Over the last 10 years, as it has remained at $7.25, the purchasing power of the minimum wage has declined by 17 percent. For a full-time, year-round minimum wage worker, this represents a loss of over $3,000 in annual earnings… People’s World
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Teamsters Stand Up for Trucker Safety at House Hearing
June 14, 2019 | HEALTH & SAFETY | The trucking industry is facing numerous challenges that are jeopardizing the well-being of drivers that must be addressed to ensure highway safety is a top priority for the traveling public, a Teamster official said today. Lamont Byrd, the Teamsters’ Director of Safety and Health, told members of a House Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee today that company pressure on drivers to be more productive, combined with the distressed state of infrastructure in this country and the effort of industry to lessen regulations could have a dire impact on all those on the nation’s roadways. “These pressures come from many sources and some are related to policies that either don’t exist or haven’t kept pace with a changing transportation system,” Byrd said. “Specific policy issues related to infrastructure, driver compensation, hours of service, driver harassment, driver health, driving training and retention, automation and globalization all contribute to these pressures.” Teamsters
Size of Undocumented Workforce is Shrinking in the US
June 13, 2019 | JOBS | US immigration hawks have long complained that undocumented workers take Americans’ jobs and lower wages. Some good news for them: the size of the undocumented labor force is shrinking, according to a new report by the Pew Research Center. From 2007 to 2017, the number of undocumented workers dropped 7.6 million from 8.2 million. So, immigrants now make a smaller share of the US workforce. It’s yet another sign of how immigration to the US is changing. There are fewer people coming overall. Employers have already started to feel the drop...Quartz
To Secure Pro-Workers Legislation, Hold Politicians’ Feet to the Fire
June 11, 2019 | OPINION | … As the 2020 campaign heats up, there will be a big debate over whether Trump has been good or bad for America’s workers. But there’s a surefire way to determine whether Trump or any candidate is good for such voters. The nation’s unions and other worker groups should draw up a Contract for the American Worker and make it clear they will only endorse candidates, Republican or Democratic, who endorse such a deal. Such a “Contract” could call for… This proposed contract would aim to end what I call “America’s anti-worker exceptionalism…The Guardian
How LGBTQ Union Activists Transformed the Labor Movement
June 10, 2019 | LABOR HISTORY | As Pride Month is recognized around the world this year, the rainbow-hued celebration will be colored by hope, fear for the future, and reverence for the queer liberation movement’s radical past. This year has already seen the murders of at least nine Black trans women in a slow-moving genocide that continues to ravage the community. The Trump administration is still forcing its agenda to deny basic human rights to queer people, especially those who are trans and non-binary. Around the world, queer people face brutal repression and inequality. Through it all, the community has stood strong, and even when faced with constant attacks by a homophobic, transphobic right-wing government, LGBTQIA people in the U.S. do have a formidable ally: labor unions… Teen Vogue
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  • Welcome to the Teamsters Public Services Division:

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