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On This Day in 1951
The National Negro Labor Council is formed in Cincinnati to unite black workers in the struggle for full economic, political and social equality. The group was to function for five years before disbanding, having forced many AFL and CIO unions to adopt non-discrimination policies.
~ DC Labor

October 27, 2021
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  • Local and National News

    Fall Golf 2021 winners, photos 
    Oct. 15, 2021 Fifty Local 355 golfers made the early-morning trek to Rising Sun, Md., located in the far northeastern part of the state, for this year's Fall Golf Outing. The bi-annual event was held Saturday, Sept. 25, 2021. It was the Local's first event at the Chesapeake Bay Golf Course. Check out the top finishers here, and additional photos in the photo gallery, 2021 Fall Golf.

    Teamsters stand in solidarity with striking John Deere UAW workers 
    Oct. 14, 2021 The Teamsters Union is proud to support some 10,000 striking John Deere workers represented by the United Auto Workers who walked out today after the company failed to address worker concerns with wages, working conditions and retirement benefits.  “These frontline workers, who have been on the job throughout the coronavirus pandemic, build the equipment used to harvest crops and feed America,” said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. “As brothers and sisters in the labor movement, the Teamsters understand the struggle for fairness on the job and will honor the UAW’s picket lines.” … Teamsters

    Your vote will help decide the future of our union 
    Oct. 14, 2021 For more than a century, Teamsters have come together to fight for better pay, stronger protections, and fair benefits for all workers. The strength of our union is because of members like you, and this fall, we need Teamsters to once again come together -- this time to decide the future of our union. Ballots were mailed Monday, Oct. 4th. Watch for yours then make sure your voice is heard by marking and returning your ballot by November 15th. Questions? Information about your ballot and the voting process is here.

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    Elsewhere in the News

    Will the Reconciliation Bill Do Anything to Secure Workers’ Rights?

    Oct. 27, 2021 | POLITICAL/LEGISLATIVE | It’s still Striketober, and people are taking notice. Gallup tells us that unions have the highest public favorability rating they’ve had in half a century. And yesterday, a poll conducted by Data for Progress asking respondents if they favored employees going on strike for better wages, benefits, and working conditions found that 74 percent of Americans, and even 60 percent of Republicans, approved. None of this, however, has translated to any congressional legislation bolstering America’s long-beleaguered unions. In fact, we haven’t seen that in the U.S. since World War II. However, that 70-year-plus record of refusing to shore up the worker power that employers and the courts have steadily eroded may be coming to an end… The American Prospect  AP PHOTO/SETH WENIG

    Truckers, Port Workers Vent As Supply Chain Frustration Mounts

    Oct. 26, 2021 | ECONOMY | The great global supply chain crisis of 2021 — which has ensnared groceries, holiday shopping, and everything in between — has bottlenecked West Coast ports, and drawn the involvement of the White House to address it. As the disruption reaches a boiling point and adds to rising price pressures, longshoremen, union representatives, and truck drivers have pointed fingers over which party is best positioned to alleviate some of the strains. Cargo ships afloat in the Pacific Ocean demonstrate the convergence of strong consumer demand, and a widespread shortage of bodies to meet it. According to Goldman Sachs, over 30 million tons of cargo await delivery ahead of the Thanksgiving to Christmas rush … So who exactly is to blame? Some drivers lined up at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach that have spoken to Yahoo Finance in recent days have an answer: Not us. “There's a lot of us that are willing to work,” Carlos Rameriz, a 25-year truck driving veteran, said in an interview… Yahoo Finance

    Bad Managers Are Making the Labor Crisis Worse

    Oct. 25, 2021 | ECONOMY | […] In the urgency of the moment, it’s easy to overstate the significance of what’s going on; every major recession leaves scars. But some things don’t change, and that includes the most basic requirement for keeping employees happy and on the job: Good management. Government policymakers can run around trying to fix the situation by mandating higher wages, more benefits, or even by expanding the power of unions. None of that will change the simple fact that bad managers are a handicap no company can afford anymore… Bloomberg

    Weekly News Wrap-Up: 10/22/2021

      The great resignation goes global
      • Where are all the workers?
      • Songs of justice, songs of power
      • Jon Gruden and labor law traps
      • New wave of strikes will test worker power
      • Starbucks launches counter-offensive as workers in Buffalo seek a union
      • 7 facts about retirement planning and saving
      • What is the common thread in all the recent strikes?

    A Note to Our Members:

    We continue to do what we can to protect the health of our members and staff while providing you service and support. Safety procedures instituted at the beginning of the pandemic remain in effect until further notice. Click here for important notices regarding COVID-19 policies regarding our office and credit union hours of operation.
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10 a.m. 
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Nov. 21, 2020 - Salisbury
10 a.m. Salisbury Union Hall

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Will the Reconciliation Bill Do Anything to Secure Workers’ Rights?
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Proper Identification & I-9 @ The Greek Theater
IATSE Local 33
Will the Reconciliation Bill Do Anything to Secure Workers’ Rights?
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Truckers, Port Workers Vent As Supply Chain Frustration Mounts
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